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Julie Day

I’ve always been interested in that unique relationship people can have with things that grow. As a child, I loved to experiment with plants – rooting cuttings, training plants into shapes, turning fish tanks into greenhouses, and even an elaborate controlled study to determine if African Violets prefer classical music (turns out they have no opinion).

Experimenting soon turned into some real digging, and soon I was installing flower gardens, working at a plant nursery, and designing landscapes for friends. Shoveling dirt, hauling mulch, arranging stones, making unhappy plants thrive and bloom – for me, there is no better way to relieve stress and see the world transformed.

A few years ago I bought my first house – an empty, forlorn 1940s bungalow – and spent almost a year renovating it before moving in, doing most of the work myself. In the process I realized that I thrive on creativity, transformation, and challenging work. I also came to the conclusion that anybody can accomplish almost anything with good information and the occasional helping hand. You can see the progress and read about my home improvement experiences at

My desire to contribute to the body of useful information, and to inspire others to tackle their dreams, led me to create a blog to share my experiences. I soon discovered that my enthusiasm for writing, gardening, building, and designing was a passion that could no longer be kept in the “hobby” category. I began writing articles on gardening topics and launched a new phase of life as a writer and home and garden designer.

One way or another, I’ve always enjoyed the satisfaction of turning creative energy into reality through hard work. My mission in “Around the Yard” is to provide quality information to help you create a sustainable and beautiful environment for your home that is harmonious with nature. Along the way I hope we’ll both come to understand the earth around us a little better by interacting with it, learning from it, and playing in the dirt.

My goal is to make “Around the Yard” a source of valuable information and support for you. I welcome your comments, questions, photos, and stories – as well as suggestions of topics you would like to see covered on the site. You can contact me at Ask Julie.

Happy digging!