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Ask Danny Videos

Danny Lipford in insulated attic of house.
When to Use Faced Insulation
Danny Lipford cleaning gutters.
How to Choose Gutters
Sweating window
Stop Sweating Windows
Danny Lipford with bathroom vanity
Best Bath Vanity Materials
Danny Lipford with concrete garage floor before painting.
Garage Floor Painting Tips
Danny Lipford spreading plastic in crawlspace under house.
Reduce Crawlspace Moisture
Cleaning supplies for removing mold and mildew
Cleaning Mold and Mildew
Galvanized metal with wire brush
Painting Galvanized Metal
Crack in plaster wall
Are Cracks in Walls Serious?
Installing a bathroom vent fan
How to Size Bath Vent Fans
Weep hole in brick wall
Sealing Weep Holes in Brick
Screwing into carpet to stop a squeak.
Stop Stairs from Squeaking
Danny Lipford with roughed-in plumbing
How to Choose DIY Projects
Danny Lipfor sitting on window seat.
How to Find a Contractor
Danny Lipford with CFL and LED light bulbs
Energy Saving Light Bulbs
Stain on wood flooring
Removing Wood Floor Stains
Danny Lipford tiling a kitchen backsplash
Tile Backsplash on Drywall
Danny Lipford in attic
Do Solar Attic Fans Work?
Room with many windows and no curtains letting sunlight through
Preventing Sunlight Damage
Danny Lipford using a stud finder on a tile wall
Find Wall Studs Behind Tile
Standing water in yard
Problems with Yard Drainage
Danny Lipford testing the paint on a door with a rag soaked in denatured alcohol
Painting Oil Paint with Latex
Danny Lipford with pressure treated deck board
Waiting Before Staining Deck
Danny Lipford cleaning microwave door with green eco-friendly cleaner
Eco-Friendly Green Cleaners