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Simple Solutions Videos

Putting wax paper under container lid to make it easy to remove.
Easy Twist Off Lid Removal
Using a pipe for a socket wrench tool handle extension to loosen a bolt on a lawn mower tractor tire.
Pipe Tool Handle Extension
Installing a brass screw.
Installing Brass Screws
Using a stiff brush to straighten bent air conditioner fins.
Repairing Bent AC Fins
Plunge cutting a hole in cement backer board with a portable jigsaw.
Cut Holes in Backer Board
Completed stepladder drill holster
Stepladder Drill Holster
Step drill bit chucked in drill.
Using Step Drill Bits
DIY Sliding Recycling Bin Hanger
DIY Recycle Bin Hanger
CD canister mounted under shelf for workshop storage.
CD Canisters for Storage
Putting plastic bags in PVC pipe storage tube
DIY Plastic Bag Storage Tube
Cleaning a clothes washer water line filter with an acid brush.
Clean Clothes Washer Filters
Tying trash can lid to can with string
Tips for Trash Can Lids
Repairing a loose staircase baluster spindle using a toothpick and wood glue.
Repairing a Loose Baluster
Using a utility knife to open boxes without damaging the contents.
Packing Boxes for a Move
Screwing PVC pipe caulking tube holder to side of shelves.
PVC Pipe Caulking Storage
Joe Truini screwing in a light bulb!
Bathroom Lighting Tips
Measuring door jamb for trimming
Door Bottom Trimming Tip
Joe Truini pouring kitty litter into garbage can bag
Reduce Kitchen Garbage Odor
iPad in sealed plastic bag.
Protect Electronic Devices
Joe Truini loading a dishwasher
Dishwasher Energy Savings
Shutoff valve extension handle made from PVC pipe
DIY Shutoff Valve Handle
Spray bottle filled with vinegar and aluminum foil for cleaning grill
Cleaning a Grill with Vinegar
Measuring a picture from from the wire to the top with a tape measure.
Picture Hanger Marking Tip
Pouring soil in a 5-gallon bucket for a container garden
DIY Bucket Container Garden