Thinking Green:
Watch my video tips on green living to find out how to make your home more eco-friendly.
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Thinking Green Videos

Pouring melted crayon wax into plastic mold
How to Recycle Crayons
Praying mantis on branch
Natural Insect Predators
Danny Lipford standing in front of potted plants
Plant Vegetable or Herb Garden
Bamboo countertop, cutting board, and bowl
Are Bamboo Products Eco-Friendly
Spraying cardboard with hose
Eco-Friendly Weed Control
Computer printer with ink cartridges
Recycling Ink Cartridges
Cotton growing in field
Organic Cotton Products
Danny Lipford standing by a power meter
How to Buy Green Power
LED light bulb in recessed ceiling fixture
Energy Efficient LED Lights
WindTronics wind turbine
Wind Turbines for Your Home
Reusing an old door
Using Reclaimed Lumber
Programmable thermostat
Save Energy By Living Green
Recycling bin at curb for pickup
Reduce Waste with Recycling
Plastic bottles
Recycled Plastic Carpeting
Holding lit incense stick next to window to check for air leaks
DIY Energy Audit
Heating and cooling HVAC ductwork in attic
Test HVAC Ductwork for Leaks
Heat pump hot water heater
Heat Pump Water Heaters
Danny Lipford driving an all electric car
Eco-Friendly Transportation
Used batteries on ground
Advantages of Rechargeable Batteries
Surge protector
Tips for Making Your Office Eco-Friendly
Composite fence made from recycled plastic
Recycled Plastic Composite Fencing and Decking
Green Seal of approval
Eco-Friendly Green Seal Certification
landscape your yard with indigenous plants
Landscape Your Yard with Indigenous Plants
Danny Lipford holding a Coke bottle
Recycling Glass Reduces Waste and Saves Energy