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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you select your projects for the Today’s Homeowner TV show, and can I apply?

We would love to be able to visit every one of our viewers; unfortunately, that simply is not possible. The projects featured on Today’ Homeowner have been carefully selected by our producers to meet the needs of our production team and production schedule. Due to the constraints of this process, we are unable to accept applications from our viewers to feature their homes.

What is Danny Lipford’s background?

Danny has been a remodeling contractor for over 30 years. Through his remodeling business, Lipford Construction, Danny estimates he’s built or remodeled over 2,500 homes.

How can I contact Danny for advice on my current home improvement project?

Visit our contact page to send us your home improvement questions and comments, or call our Today’s Homeowner Hotline at (800) 946-4420 and leave a message anytime of day or night. While we are not able to answer every question individually, we will do our best to respond. In the meantime, search our website and check out the thousands of articles and videos on home improvement and lawn and garden topics.

Can you recommend a contractor in my area?

Contact the National Association of Homebuilders for a listing of building professionals in your area.

Where can I watch the Today’s Homeowner TV show in my local area?

Visit our Local Listings Guide to find out when and where in your area. If we are not currently airing in your area, call your local station and request that they air the Today’s Homeowner TV show or Today’s Homeowner radio program in your area. You can also email us at, and we will do our best to bring Today’s Homeowner to you.