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78 Plumbing Videos

Fluidmaster Click-Seal Toilet Connector supply line installed on toilet.
Click-Seal Toilet Connector
Cleaning a clothes washer water line filter with an acid brush.
Clean Clothes Washer Filters
Danny Lipford in front of Kuppersmith house renovation
Kuppersmith Project 11: Plumbing
Danny Lipford on deck of home.
Common Home Maintenance Projects
Danny Lipford with homeowner Laura Saltman.
How to Repair Your Home
Danny Lipford in gutted master bathroom with Artie the plumber.
Master Bath Remodeling Project
Budget Small Bathroom Remodel
Danny Lipford in hallway
10 Common Interior Repairs
Shutoff valve extension handle made from PVC pipe
DIY Shutoff Valve Handle
American Standard EcoFusion Dual Flush Toilet
EcoFusion Dual Flush Toilet
HydroRight dual flush converter
Dual Flush Toilet Converter
Heat pump hot water heater
Heat Pump Water Heaters
Tightening the packing nut on an outdoor faucet
Repair an Outdoor Spigot
How to Unclog a Slow Draining Bathtub
How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain
Draining a Hot Water Heater
Draining Hot Water Heater
Replacing a Showerhead
How to Replace a Showerhead
Repairing a Leaky Faucet
How to Repair Leaky Faucets
Repairing a Running Toilet
Running Toilet Repair
Water saving toilet
Hot Water Heaters and Toilets that Save Energy or Water
ask danny saving water
How to Save Water in Your Home
Find out how to convert your existing toilets dual flush to save water
Convert Existing Toilets to Dual Flush to Save Water
turbo snake drain cleaning tool product review
Turbo Snake Drain Cleaning Tool Product Review
toilet accessories
Innovative Toilet Designs and Accessories for Your Home
tankless water heater
Energy Efficient Tankless Water Heaters for Your Home